About Maammekauppa

Maammekauppa was born of a desire to highlight Finnish manufacturing and Finnish-made products and differentiate them from imported goods. Everything in Maammekauppa’s product range is made in Finland. Now and forever. You will not be left wondering where your products were manufactured when you shop with us.

Maammekauppa aims to offer its customers good, quick and reliable service. We also want to spread the word about companies that manufacture in Finland and the products that they make. So if you are looking for a Finnish alternative to an imported foreign product, contact us. We are happy to help, even if the product you are looking for is not yet in our range.


Maammekauppa is backed by Suosiva Oy, a company established in Laitila in March 2017. Suosiva Oy is owned by Jarkko Knuutila, an entrepreneur from Laitila, and Lauri Mattsson from Rauma. In addition, entrepreneur Juha Knuutila is on the company’s Board of Directors.