Maammekaupan kauppias 2I’m Jarkko Knuutila, and I run Maammekauppa. I’d like to introduce myself so you know who you are buying from and who is responsible if something doesn’t go quite as planned or if things go really well. If you have a moment, take a break from your shopping and read my introduction.

I’m a 33-year-old Laitila native, and I’ve always been a dreamer. Some of my dreams have fallen by the wayside, some have changed into new dreams and, fortunately, some have become a reality.

Then there are the dreams that have become so big that their time is now. Of course, I’m talking about Maammekauppa and everything that it means to me: traditional entrepreneurship the way I want it to be, and the goal of increasing appreciation for Finnish manufacturing. I want to make it easier to find products that are made in Finland. I also want to do what I can to help manufacturing jobs to be created and retained in Finland.

Those are my dreams. Who am I and what have I done in my life so far? I’m a somewhat disorganised husband to my wife and a very proud father to my little daughter. The fourth member of our family is Maammekauppa’s official mascot, Armi, a Finnish Hound. We live in the peaceful countryside, in the remotest corner of Laitila.

I hold a Master of Science degree in economics and business administration. Before I embarked on my entrepreneurial career, I worked at Valmet Automotive’s car factory in Uusikaupunki as a controller. Then the moment came to stop working and start doing. And here I am. Entrepreneur, Managing Director of Suosiva Oy and keeper of the Maammekauppa online store. Fulfilling my dreams and trying to serve every Maammekauppa customer as well as possible.